What are the Must Haves for a 6 Month Old Baby?

What do babies need at 6 months?

Between 6-12 months, your baby changes so much! It’s an entirely different experience from 0-6 months.

You’re introducing solids. Your baby is learning to sit up, crawl, stand and walk. He or she is talking and teething more, grabbing and throwing things, and reaching for different toys.

What you need during 6-12 months can be very different from what you used during 0-6 months.


My baby just turned 1 year! Here are the 21 six month baby essentials I loved!

They helped her in these new development stages. Or they made my life easier and gave me more time to do other things. They didn’t break the bank!

I have no regrets. I would purchase these again without hesitation!


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What do babies need at 6 months?

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21 Essential Items for a 6 Month Old

6 Month Feeding Essentials:

1. Bib

I’ve used both the cloth and silicone bibs. I’ve found the silicone bibs are better because they’re easy to put on and wipe down. I like these particularly because they’re larger and softer than other bibs I’ve seen.

what do babies need at 6 months

When she was 1, I switched to this bib with sleeves. It’s light, waterproof and has velcro tabs. It was perfect for us at 1 year when she started being able to move her silicone bib out of the way and getting the food all over her clothes!

Some moms prefer this bib with sleeves for their 6 month old. I still prefer the silicone bib at 6 months because it’s just a little bit easier to clean and has a slightly better pocket to catch food.

things to buy a 6 month old baby

2. Suction feeding mat

With your baby throwing everything on the ground, a suction feeding mat is a must! This one is made of silicone so even if your child is able to remove the suction cups and throw it, it won’t damage your floors or furniture. It’s easy to clean and dishwasher safe. It even includes spoons!

I’ve fed my baby with regular stainless steel and plastic utensils. Silicone utensils are durable, but soft so they don’t hurt my baby’s gums or teeth when she occasionally bites down on them when she’s teething. As they have a nonslip grip, my baby can even learn to feed herself!

what 6 month old babies need

3. Utensils

I like the spoons that come with the silicone mat, but I LOVE these bendable spoons and forks!

Babies struggle to hold spoons let alone get the spoon into their mouth. When my baby could finally hold a spoon, I still had to assist her with getting the food into her mouth. She would turn the spoon over in transit, drop the food and then get what little was left in her mouth.

With these bendable spoons and forks, you can shorten the length or change the angle. It can be adapted according to your child’s motor skill development.

Little ones get to the stage of wanting to be independent eaters, and these bendable utensils help them get there with less food spillage and waste.

4. Transition cup

We heard from a nurse that we shouldn’t give our daughter a traditional sippy cup because it might result in tooth decay and speech issues. She said babies need to learn how to use regular cups. We gave our baby water through a regular cup. Naturally, the water spilled everywhere!

We heard from a fellow mom about this trainer cup. It’s exactly like a regular cup except there are minimal spills! The baby drinks from the rim like any regular cup. It’s only when you tilt the cup and apply pressure to the inside rim that liquid comes out. Your baby can whip it around or throw it on the ground – maybe a few drops will come out, but that’s it!

6 month baby essentials

5. Snack storage

You could use ziplock bags for storing snacks. We love this snack catcher because my daughter can feed independently.

must haves for 6 month baby

6. Iron-fortified cereal

This is the first food my baby ate. Our doctor said breast-fed babies need iron rich foods at 6 months because they start losing iron. I mixed the cereal with breast milk.

I had heard from a mom to start with a runny mixture (a bit of cereal with a lot of breast milk) to slowly introduce your baby to feeding from a spoon. Over time, she suggested to make the mixture more lumpy (add more cereal with the breast milk) so your baby is exposed to different textures. This worked well for us!

baby stuff for 6 month old

7. Premade food

With every meal, my baby had both pureed/lumpy food (for nutrients) and a finger food (to develop her ability to feed herself).

For the pureed food, I just threw everything we were eating into the blender. My baby ate hardly any of it over days. It was a waste of time.

I then came across premade food pouches.

I didn’t use these all the time because I wanted to expose her to different foods. It was a convenient way to feed her a good serving of fruits and vegetables when things got busy!

6 month baby products

8. Booster seat

I initially got this Ikea high chair, which came recommended by many moms. It worked well.

The only thing was that the height was too low for her to be able to see the food on the dining room table. It felt like she wasn’t a part of the eating experience with us.

When she was 1, we ended up switching to a Fisher Price Booster Seat and immediately, she was more interested in food and engaged when we all ate together.

It was a small change, but I regret not just buying this booster seat earlier because it can be used with 6 month olds.

What I also like about having a booster seat instead of a high chair is that it’s easily portable. You don’t have to bring along the legs.

This booster seat also grows with your child. You can remove the booster seat table and adjust the height of the seat to fit your table.

what your baby needs at six months

Safety Must Haves for a 6 Month Old:

9. Baby gate/playard

We have 2 baby gates.

We live in a house with an open concept layout. We wanted to get an extra wide baby gate – something that could stretch across the entire room. This would give her a large space to play and keep her enclosed within a room.

We love this Summer Infant baby gate! The majority of the gate is mesh so your baby can run into it and not get hurt! It expands to fit openings up to 143″ so it fits spaces perfectly! It doesn’t have to be awkwardly bent. This gate can also convert into a playard.6 month old baby needsWe also have this Regalo baby gate. It fits up to 192″ wide. This gate looks nice. While it can also work across a room, it works particularly well for spaces where you need the gate to be angled e.g. around a fireplace.

6 month baby needs

10. Outlet covers

These outlet plug covers do the job. They also block out the draft on exterior walls so you’re saving energy!

what to buy a 6 month old

11. Bath spout cover

This bath spout cover provides MUCH NEEDED protection from accidental head bumps during bath time! This is especially necessary with the baby increasingly on the move and exploring.

When I first saw this, I thought it was a ridiculous product. When my little one was wobbly and bumped her head into the coffee table, I just imagined how that could have been the bath spout. It would have resulted in more than just a scare for her. She would have been seriously hurt.

If you have regular baths in the bath tub, this is a must have! The whale is also gosh darn cute!

This spout is also mold and mildew resistant! With many of its alternatives, mold appears shortly after use.what to buy a 6 month old baby

Toys for a 6 Month Old Baby:

12. Walker

The Fisher Price Walker is great for beginner walkers. It does take off quite fast so I recommend closely supervising your baby while he or she is learning how to control the walker (took my baby a few days).

My daughter is 1 and still loves taking this for a walk around the house! It’s for ages 6 months-3 years so I imagine she’ll get a lot of use out of it!

There are a lot of activities like piano keys, rollers and 75+ songs! Even if your kid isn’t interested in walking yet, this is a toy your kid can have fun with sitting down.

Best Toys for 6-12 Months

13. Portable Toy

We love this Baby Einstein Musical Toy! This is a must have distraction toy when we’re in the car and out of the house. There’s a large button she can press to switch between the 7 songs. She loves watching the lights flashing to the beats. I actually really like listening to the classical tunes – it’s calming!

It’s small enough to fit in the diaper bag!

Developmental toys for 6 month old baby

14. Activity Cube

This activity cube is one of my child’s favorites! She loves pressing the buttons, seeing the flashing lights and dancing with the songs and animal sounds.

She can also spin the blocks and move the gears. There’s a variety of motor skill development! This cube can hold her attention for at least a trip to the bathroom! It’s great for encouraging your child to sit up. It’s for ages 6 months-3 years so I can see she’ll get a lot of use out of it!

Age appropriate toys for 6 month old

15. Teether toy

We first got her Sophie the Giraffe when she was 3 months old and she didn’t use it until she was 6-7 months. Now she likes chewing Sophie’s ears and horns when she teethes!

baby essentials at 6 months

If you have a clip-on, you can attach the teether to the baby’s shirt so it doesn’t fall on the ground.

baby must haves at 6 months

16. Ball

I first heard about this toy from a mom who was raving about it because even her daughter (who is a small baby and has tiny fingers) can play with it.

The oball toy ball is soft, light and bendable (it caves in when stepped on so it doesn’t hurt her). The large holes make it easy for my baby to grip. This is the first toy she was able to hold and play with. Now we play catch with it. She loves it!

17. Exersaucer/Jumper

My baby loves this Baby Einstein Activity JumperThere are over 12 activities including musical ones. The seat swivels so your baby can independently move to different activity stations.

I like how my baby can also jump in this – building her leg muscles. This is a great place to put your baby in when you need to get a few things done around the house! I’ve often heard it referred to as the circle of neglect because you can leave your baby in it for hours! I would normally only put her in it for 15 minutes/day as I’ve heard overuse can hinder their development.

things to buy a 6 month old baby

Books for a 6 Month Old

18. Touch and feel books

We got the Baby Touch and Feel Animals book as a gift. She can play with it on her own. She likes flipping the pages and touching the different textures e.g. puppy’s fur. It’s durable and she can’t chew the pages as easily as other books.

There aren’t many words or textures, but it’s my baby’s favorite book! When I often put out 5-10 different board books for her to choose from (some of them also have touch and feel features), she always goes for this one!

things for 6 month old baby

19. Colorful and engaging books

We also got this Usborne Book Collection as a gift. The books are about dinosaurs, animal homes, the zoo, night time, the garden, and the farm. I love reading these with her!

There’s so much good information for her to know. The illustrations are beautiful. She loves touching the holes and moving the flaps.

things to buy for 6 month old baby

Clothing Needs for a 6 Month Old

20. Socks with grips

We haven’t included shoes on this list because she always walked around indoors. As she’s still learning to walk and balance, it was important for her to be either barefoot or had socks with grips for hardwood floors.

best things for 6 month old baby

what a 6 month old needs

Additional Things a 6 Month Old Needs

Here are a few other things I used a lot in her 6-12 months. I also used these things during her 0-6 months period.

21. Carrier

This ergonomic carrier was a lifesaver for me to be able to comfortably carry my baby while being hands-free and get stuff done around the house! I’m not a doctor. After reading about hip dysplasia and the importance of using a baby carrier that has a supported seated position, this carrier became my #1 choice. Of course, you should always do your own research on the topic before making a decision.

What I like particularly about this carrier is that it can be used with a newborn right away at 7 lbs (no additional infant insert required) up until the baby is 45 lbs. It can be adapted for all carry positions including facing the baby inwards and outwards, carrying on the hip or back.

You can even breastfeed your baby in it. Sometimes I found the carrier easier to use than a stroller when I was out of the house. For example, when I was going to a restaurant with tight spacing or on a plane.

22. Diaper pail

The Ubbi Diaper Pail was one of the most expensive diaper pails on the market. After a lot of consideration, we got it and we are so glad we did.

With her eating solids, the diapers have gotten smellier!  It has been 12 months and it still traps in the odor. The odor hasn’t been absorbed like what I’ve heard can happen with the plastic pails.

You can open it using just one hand. With its tall and thin frame, it’s a space saver and is large enough to hold at least a week’s worth of diapers. There is a child safety lock feature but we haven’t had to use it yet.

As it has a classic steel design, we might just keep it after our diaper days are over and use it as a regular trash can in the house. There are no special expensive refill bags like the Diaper Genie; we just use regular garbage bags. If you do have a leak in your bag, I highly recommend cleaning the pail immediately because otherwise you might get rust.

things a 6 month old needs

Final Thoughts on Essential Items for a 6 Month Old

6-12 Months goes by fast! Don’t forget to enjoy every moment!

If you’re planning ahead, here are my 1 year old must haves.

If you’re worried about managing costs, here are two excellent ways to save money on your baby:

1) Amazon Baby Registry

  • If you’re still pregnant, sign up for the Amazon Baby Registry.
  • Amazon provides you with a one-time 10% discount on select items from your registry, 60 days before your child’s arrival date.
  • If you are an Amazon Prime member, the one-time discount is 15%! Amazon Prime also comes with 20% off diapers and baby food when you have more than 5 subscriptions. The best part about this membership: 2 day FREE shipping and FREE access to movies, TV shows, music and books. You can cancel your other subscriptions!

There are also FREE 90 day returns on baby store purchases. Get the FREE 30 day Amazon Prime trial here. You can cancel at anytime.

2) Rakuten (formerly Ebates)

  • Before purchasing items on Amazon, go through Rakuten first!
  • Companies pay a commission to Rakuten for advertising on their site. Rakuten then shares that commission with you. Depending on the rates, you could get up to 40% of your purchase price back!
  • Rakuten is FREE to sign up.

For U.S. residents, Rakuten will give you a welcome bonus of $10 after making your first online purchase of $25 or more.

For Canadians, it’s a $5 welcome bonus for signing up. You can read more about how to use Rakuten here!


Recap of 6 Month Baby Must Haves

  1. Bib: Silicatch bibs, bib with sleeves
  2. Suction feeding mat
  3. Utensils: Bendable spoons and forks
  4. Transition cup: Trainer cup
  5. Snack storage: Snack catcher
  6. First food: Iron-fortified cereal
  7. Premade food pouches
  8. Booster seat: Fisher Price Booster Seat
  9. Safety gates: Summer Infant baby gateRegalo baby gate
  10. Outlet plug covers
  11. Bath spout cover
  12. Walker: Fisher Price Walker
  13. Portable toy: Baby Einstein Musical Toy
  14. Activity cube: VTech Activity Cube
  15. Teether: Sophie the Giraffe
  16. Ball: oball toy ball
  17. Exersaucer/jumper: Baby Einstein Activity Jumper
  18. Touch and Feel books: Baby Touch and Feel Animals book
  19. Colorful and engaging books: Usborne Peep Inside Collection: 6 Books Box Set
  20. Socks: Socks with grips
  21. Carrier: Ergo carrier
  22. Diaper pail: Ubbi Diaper Pail


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Baby Must Haves for 6-12 Months


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