Optimize your Money Mindset

    The mindset is powerful.

    You can have all the knowledge and tools.

    If you don’t have the right mindset. The discipline and commitment to persist. The motivation and initiative to take risks and try new things. You’ll never accomplish your goals.

    You need to master your mindset to build sustainable wealth.

    Here are some tips to master your money mindset.


    Make $100 Fast: 11 Proven Ways to Make Money Quickly in 2019

    Looking to make $100 fast? Maybe you just need that extra $100 to pay off an unexpected bill? Or perhaps you just want to reduce your debt or have extra spending money? What can you do when you're short of time?   Below is a list of 11 ideas to make $100 quickly....

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    18 Things I Quit Buying to Save Money Every Day

    Wondering how to save money every day? It starts with being able to live on less! To quit buying things! This is the easiest way to quickly improve your finances!   What things should you stop buying to save money? There are MANY things you could quit spending...

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    11 Legitimate Jobs for Stay At Home Moms and Dads

    What are the real jobs for stay at home moms and dads? When I was half way through my maternity leave, I started getting anxiety about the idea of going back to work and leaving my baby in daycare. I kept thinking about how she wouldn't be able to tell me if anything...

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    Welcome! I’m Jacqueline.

    The aim of this blog is to be a map of money strategies to accelerate early retirement so you can spend time doing what’s meaningful.
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