Accelerating early retirement.

Even for young parents.

That’s my goal.
To inspire you to explore financial opportunities and create habits and systems to build wealth.

To establish your effective money map. So you can spend time doing what’s important and meaningful to you.

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11 Real Work from Home Jobs for Stay At Home Moms and Dads

Are there flexible and well paid work from home jobs? When I was half way through my maternity leave, I started getting anxiety about the idea of going back to work and leaving my baby in daycare. I kept thinking about how she wouldn't be able to tell me if anything...

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Frugal Gifts (under $50) for Frugal Women

It can be difficult to find a gift for the women in your life who are frugal. You want to give them something that shows that you know and respect their frugal lifestyle. What makes it more challenging is that a frugal person is often somewhat of a minimalist. How do...

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Welcome! I'm Jacqueline.

The aim of this blog is to become an effective money map of strategies and tools so you can accelerate your early retirement and spend time doing what's meaningful to you.

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