Pinterest Manager – why should you become one?

Businesses cannot afford to ignore Pinterest.

Before I started blogging, I didn’t even have a Pinterest account. I thought Pinterest was for recipes and crafts.

Now I visit Pinterest everyday. Why?

Over 70% of my traffic comes from Pinterest. I have other social media accounts, but Pinterest trumps all! And I don’t even blog about recipes and crafts.

I’m not alone! I hear over and over again from different bloggers about how Pinterest is their bread and butter!

Pinterest is not just fruitful for bloggers. Big businesses need Pinterest too. If you ignore Pinterest, you’re missing out on a huge opportunity! 250 million people to be exact. And 84% are using Pinterest to make a buying decision.

How to Become a Successful Pinterest Manager

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Pinterest Powerhouse = Pinterest Manager Demand

Naturally, there is a high demand for Pinterest Managers!

There’s a lot involved with managing a Pinterest account from designing high quality pins to having relevant boards to pinning at optimal times.

Although there are scheduling tools like Tailwind to help save time, it takes knowledge and skill to manage Tailwind properly.

Also, there are a lot of entrepreneurs that believe manual pinning will lead to better results. Manual pinning takes a lot of time! (Related note: Pinteresting Strategies is an excellent course on manual pinning that actually got me my first affiliate sale!)

As businesses grow, they’re hiring Pinterest Managers not just to manage their accounts, but to bring it to the next level.


Is being a Pinterest Manager the right job for you?

If you love Pinterest and you want a work-from-home job, this is it!

If you already browse Pinterest on a regular basis, you might as well get paid for it!

Being a Pinterest Manager is an ideal job for digital nomads, stay-at-home moms, students, or anyone who needs flexibility in their working hours! You can work entirely online.


What does it take to be a SUCCESSFUL Pinterest Manager?

I’m excited to share an interview with Megan Haskin, Founder of Haskin Creatives.

Within 1 month of starting her Pinterest management business, she was able to sign her first client. Within 6 months, she had 11 clients!

In this interview, she shares the role’s high earning potential, how to get clients, a typical day, and her advice for prospective Pinterest Managers.


Megan Haskin, Founder of Haskin Creatives


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Megan, what’s your background? How did you become a Pinterest Manager?

I grew up in sunny South Africa. After a year as a school teacher, I decided to take my career abroad into the international school market.

I taught in some super cool, rural places including Bhutan, Costa Rica and Vietnam, but wanted to find a way to make my lifestyle more nomadic.

My husband is a professional photographer. He would often get to travel while I had to stay behind. While completing my teaching contract, the hunt for remote work began.

Pinterest Manager

It was challenging at first to find remote work (it literally took me years!).

Most of the work-from-home and digital nomad careers require you to:

  • have previous experience in the niche
  • be available at certain set times (as with teaching online)
  • be a US citizen

I wanted complete freedom. While learning to market my own travel blog on Pinterest, I came across the Become a Pinterest VA Today course. I saw a lot of positive reviews so I decided to take the leap.

I was able to book my first client within a month. Within half a year, my business grew to 11 monthly clients!

It’s been the best decision. I absolutely love my business.


How much do you make per month as a Pinterest Manager?

My packages begin at $499 for monthly Pinterest Management per client. I provide add-on services like blog management for the clients who need it.

I now work full time in my business and have recently hired a team member to help me with scheduling so I can focus on the important things like designing pins.

As a beginner Pinterest VA, you start out charging around $250 for your monthly services plus add-ons. I know many Pinterest Managers working with up to 20 clients and some who are just looking to side-hustle with a few – you get to decide!

Become a Pinterest Manager

When did you land your first client?

I officially started my business in July of 2018 and signed my first client in August, less than a month later.

I cannot promise the same results for others who choose to pursue this, but it definitely is possible! It does take hard work and a good mindset to make any business successful.


How do you get clients?

I get my clients through my website – Haskin Creatives and blogging weekly about Pinterest Marketing. I also market my own posts on the Pinterest platform and rank high on Google for Pinterest related topics, so it’s easy for my content to be found. I’ve also recently begun getting referrals from my existing clients.

Become a Pinterest VA Today also has a paid membership option to an exclusive Facebook Group where they post active client leads almost weekly and all members are able to pitch them! I’ve also managed to secure some clients through the group – I can’t recommend their course enough!


What is a typical day for you?

I’m based for now in Panama City. Long story short – we adopted a rescue dog while living in Costa Rica and have since migrated farther south. She is pretty huge and not ideal for travelling!

I have a solid morning routine filled with meditation, mindset journaling (a key factor in the success of my business, I believe), yoga and reading before I begin my client work.

Be a Pinterest Manager

As a Pinterest Manager, your day consists of:

  • designing beautiful images for your clients
  • writing keyword rich descriptions for them
  • scheduling them into Tailwind
  • analyzing the progress


On most days, I can also be found writing a blog post for clients or uploading a video to YouTube. A big part of “behind the scenes” also includes writing and answering emails or conducting consultation calls with potential clients.

And let’s not forget writing blog posts for Haskin Creatives and working on content creation to grow my own business. All of this between running to grab lunch or walk my pup!


The beauty of it is, you can structure your day how you want to. And you’re able to take on as many clients as you see fit, or hire out help like I have to get more time out of your day!

I absolutely LOVE my business and after working so hard in the education industry, this feels like a breeze. But I think it’s important to note that although these work-from-home careers tend to look easy and a quick fix to all your problems, you’ve got to put in the work to make it grow.


What is your favorite thing about being a Pinterest Manager?

I absolutely love pin design and creating click-worthy images for my clients! I’ve always been creative and love that I get to put these skills to use.

I also really enjoy all the admin tasks – is that weird?! I am such an introvert and love spending hours alone. My favorite part of being a teacher was always the grading and writing report cards! Ha! So this is like getting to do it all day, every day.

How to be a Pinterest Manager

What is your biggest challenge as a Pinterest Manager?

For me personally, it’s being aware of disconnecting from my business.

I honestly love it so much that sometimes I find myself working seven days straight or answering emails late at night instead of having a better work-life balance. Being a Pinterest Manager doesn’t require this, but I find it challenging because I’m so excited about the constant growth of Haskin Creatives.

What kind of person is a good fit for this role?

Pinterest Managers/ Virtual Assistants need to be:

  • creative and have a keen eye for design
  • good communicators
  • technologically savvy (or someone who can learn quickly how to use a new tool)
  • someone who is a productive independent worker and loves learning new things
  • a problem solver for figuring out what’s working and what isn’t
  • someone with a positive mindset

Pinterest Strategist

How can someone interested in this field get started? Do you recommend any courses?

I highly recommend the Become a Pinterest VA Today course. I knew a lot about Pinterest Marketing before taking the course but learned so much about how to secure clients, onboard them and the whole process outside of simply Pinterest Marketing.

The course does, however, include in depth video trainings of all the ins and outs of using Pinterest for business, Tailwind (the scheduling tool) and even how to design pins using Canva. You don’t need any previous experience with Pinterest before you take the course.


What’s your #1 piece of advice for anyone who wants to be a Pinterest Manager?

I’d suggest focusing most of your time on mindset work in the beginning when starting your business!

Often we get in our own way or blame outside circumstances for our situations – when really it all comes down to our mindset.


Thanks Megan for your advice and thoughts!

If you’re interested in hearing from another successful Pinterest Manager, here’s my interview with Yi Ming Lai


Here are my favorite Pinterest resources:

If you’re interested in learning how to use Pinterest for your business, these resources will help!

Tailwind: I love Tailwind because I can:

  • Schedule my pins a few weeks out which saves me so much time
  • Share my pins with tribe members and get on larger boards that I would have never otherwise been able to access
  • Study the Tailwind board and pin analytics, especially the board analytics to see which boards have higher engagement. This is crucial because if you pin to a low engagement board and don’t get repins, Pinterest will recognize your pin as not worth sharing.


Pinteresting Strategies: This is an excellent course on manual pinning that actually got me my first affiliate sale! It’s taught by Carly Campbell who earns over $10,000 per month blogging. In her 7th month, she had over 200,000 page views.

This course covers everything about Pinterest. From setting up your profile and boards for success to what makes a pin do well on Pinterest. It goes well beyond the basics.

She shows you her Pinterest strategy. In a video, she goes through exactly step by step how to pin including where to find the best pins to repin. She goes through what a typical Pinterest session is for her. Everything in the course is valuable, but her Pinterest routine is the gold nugget you need to watch!

For a limited time, Carly’s offering all of her products (Pinteresting Strategies, Affiliate Marketing For Bloggers, and her 2019 Blogging Planner) for a special bundle price.


Here are other work from home success stories:


Other ways to make some money from home

If you only want to earn a little bit of side cash quickly and easily each day, here’s a list of legitimate survey companies with user-friendly sites that I’ve personally tried and liked:

The more companies you join, the more surveys you’ll qualify for taking. If you like taking surveys and being able to voice your opinion and know that it’ll make a difference with brands and products, taking surveys might be right up your alley.


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How to Be a Successful Pinterest Manager


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