Save More Money

    Here are ideas for how to save money fast without making a large, negative impact on your lifestyle.

    There are tips for how to reduce everyday expenses (e.g. groceries, utilities) as well as long-term debt.

    There are also ideas for people exploring minimalism and frugal living. 

    18 Things I Quit Buying to Save Money Every Day

    Wondering how to save money every day? It starts with being able to live on less! To quit buying things! This is the easiest way to quickly improve your finances!   What things should you stop buying to save money? There are MANY things you could quit spending...

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    11 Gifts for a Frugal Woman that Save Time or Money

    What are the best gifts for a frugal woman that save money or time? It can be difficult to find a gift for the women in your life who are frugal. You want to give them something that shows that you know and respect their frugal lifestyle. What makes it more...

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    9 Gifts for A Frugal Man that Save Time or Money

    What are the best gifts for a frugal man that save time or money? Every year, I struggle to come up with gifts for my husband. It's particularly difficult because my husband is a frugal person. Frugal people tend to value practical things and experiences.   I...

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    Best Ways to Save Money on Groceries

    What are the best ways to save money on groceries? It's embarrassing to admit, but I only started cooking in my mid-20’s. I used to eat out a lot. I knew the key to saving money on food is cooking at home. Through a lot of research and trial and error, these are the...

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    Rich vs. Poor Mindset: How to be Rich

    What's the difference between the rich vs. poor mindset? It's all about how you think and use money. Look at Robert Kiyosaki who Celebrity Net Worth estimates as having $80 million. He's the author of Rich Dad Poor Dad, one of the best-selling personal finance books...

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    The aim of this blog is to be a map of money strategies to accelerate early retirement so you can spend time doing what’s meaningful.
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