Save More Money

Here are ideas for how to save money fast without making a large, negative impact on your lifestyle.

There are tips for how to reduce everyday expenses (e.g. groceries, utilities) as well as long-term debt.

There are also ideas for people exploring minimalism and frugal living. 

Cashback Apps: The easiest way to earn and save money

What are cashback apps? Cashback apps and sites are some of the easiest ways to both make and save money fast online and at home. Since you're probably already shopping for everyday household items like toilet paper, don't forget to use these cashback apps and sites....

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Early retirement: How to reach it in 9 steps in 2019

Early retirement - how do you reach it? Do you often dream about quitting your 9-5? What it would feel like to hand in your resignation letter to your boss. Walk out of the office and not come back. Never again having to work 50-60 hours per week for someone else's...

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Welcome! I’m Jacqueline.

The aim of this blog is to be a map of money strategies to accelerate early retirement so you can spend time doing what’s meaningful.
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