What are the postpartum essentials?

Where’s the postpartum care kit registry?

All throughout the 9 months of pregnancy, you’re preparing for the baby’s arrival.

You have a baby shower. Get all these cute baby products from clothes to toys. It’s all about the BABY.

Not to say that the focus shouldn’t be about the baby. As a first-time mom, how is it that there’s seemingly little preparation for postpartum recovery?

You often only find out about how important this is when you’re ALREADY postpartum!

Where’s the postpartum care package registry? Where’s the postpartum kit gift box?


If you’re a postpartum mama, YOU KNOW about the difficulties right after birth.

How weak you feel. How your lady parts are in pain. You are completely petrified of peeing and pooping.

Not to mention you’re exhausted and you have to take care of a little person. That is a whole other mental struggle!


Any postpartum mom has just gone through a major shock to their system between pregnancy, labor and birth. Moms need care too!

The LAST THING any postpartum mama wants to do is run to the store and buy things!

What supplies do I need after giving birth?

Here are my 8 essentials for mom after birth.

Things you need after giving birth

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8 Postpartum Essentials

1. Postpartum Underwear

After your delivery, you will have vaginal bleeding like you’ve never had before! Mine lasted for 8 weeks. I’ve heard for some it can be as short as 2 weeks.

With this type of heavy flow, even overnight pads won’t cut it! DO NOT use tampons.

You will need to include postpartum underwear in your post pregnancy care package.


What’s the best postpartum underwear to use after giving birth?

I highly recommend getting this pull-on underwear. You can easily slip it on while you’re on the toilet and it’s comfortable.

Make sure you get the “pull-on” ones and not the ones with sticky tabs that go on like diapers. The sticky tab undies are not easy to maneuver. You might get blood on the floor like I did!

When you’re looking at the sizing, go with one size up from your pre-pregnancy size. For example, I’m usually a size S and I went with the size S/M.

Everyone will require different quantities. I ended up purchasing 3 packs of postpartum underwear.

mom items

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2. Water Bottle

Staying hydrated is an important postpartum need. If you’re breastfeeding, it’s especially important for your milk supply!

I stayed hydrated by always having a water bottle on hand. I just used this Voss water bottle that I’ve been reusing for few years now. It’s extra large and made of glass so there’s no unwanted flavoring from the package.

I have friends that love this water bottle. It’s also made of glass, but has this silicone sleeve for easier gripping. It has an opening that’s large enough to put ice cubes easily in if you overheat and just need to chomp on cubes.

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3. Postpartum Meals

Having postpartum meals handled before you give birth is a must! Definitely add this to your postpartum care checklist!

You’re fragile in that first month and healing. You need to conserve your strength so you can take care of the baby and recover quickly.

Also, when you’re breastfeeding, you are hungry. ALL. THE. TIME. I don’t know how many times I’ve heard from moms how they only have time to prepare the meal, but not to actually eat it.

I highly recommend preparing weeks’ worth of meals in advance. Don’t cook the meals yourself. Work out a system to have meals prepared for you.

We had 1 month of meals and easy-to-access snacks ready when she was born.

This was a combination of freezer meals, meals my husband cooked, meals other people brought over, and snacks (like energy bars) we purchased in advance.

Preparing meals in advance sounds like a lot of work, but trust me – you’ll be so happy you did this.

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4. Household Chores Delegated

The same thing applies to chores.

Ask family to help you with this in advance. Lower your expectations for getting household chores done in the first few months. What’s most important is that you get better so you can take care of your child.


5. Comfortable Clothing

Comfortable clothing is one of the most essential postpartum recovery items.

I lived in my robe. I still wear it regularly at home. It’s not only comfortable, it’s convenient for breastfeeding. A robe gives your baby easy access and you can quickly cover up when finished.

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I was also wearing my maternity leggings often. Yes – you’ll still look 6 months pregnant after you give birth! It takes a few weeks for your uterus to shrink. Leggings are the best. Snug, but also stretchy.

Postpartum necessities for moms

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If you’re breastfeeding, I’ve found a nursing bra necessary, especially when you leave the house.

It’s comfortable even when you’re both full and empty. It has clips that make it easy to pull the front part of your bra down to breastfeed. The nursing bra comes with a pad to conceal leaks.

Even if you don’t have “nursing pads”, I found this nursing bra sufficient to cover leaks.

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6. Peri Bottle

If you had a vaginal delivery, you’re going to need a peri bottle in your after birth care package. Usually the hospital provides this and explains how to use it.

Here are the basic steps:

  • Before you use the bathroom, fill your peri bottle up with warm water.
  • Do your business
  • Squeeze the water from the peri bottle onto your lady parts to cleanse it

The peri bottle is awkward to aim. I missed several times! I often had to waddle back over to the sink with my pants down to refill the bottle!

Some moms use this peri bottle. This is designed for postpartum use! The spout is angled. You can perfectly aim your bottle and actually clean the whole area in one sitting!

I think I’ll get this if I have a second. It’s handy to have a second peri bottle, especially if you have multiple bathrooms in the house. You don’t want to always be running to the bathroom with the peri bottle. If you have urinary incontinence like I did, you won’t make it there in time anyways.

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Watch this video to see how this peri bottle works:

7. Sitz Bath

If you had a vaginal delivery, you’re going to be extremely sore down there!

I highly recommend doing a sitz bath, especially if you have tearing or hemorrhoids! I had both and a sitz bath helped tremendously with comfort and recovery!

You don’t need a sitz bath kit in your after birth care kit.

This is what I did after a couple of days into being postpartum:

  • I just cleaned the bath
  • Filled it with around 2-3 inches of water
  • Put some epsom salts in (but you don’t need these)
  • Sat in the bath for 15 minutes/day

Getting a bath kit saves you from having to fill up the entire tub with water though. It’s a personal preference.

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8. Stool Softener

With breastfeeding, it’s easy to get dehydrated if you’re not constantly drinking water. Dehydration can cause constipation!

I have never been constipated before so this was my FIRST AND HOPEFULLY LAST experience with constipation. If you’ve never been constipated, it is no joke! I felt like I was giving birth all over again.

After it happened, I just drank lots of water and ate prunes like there was no tomorrow. Luckily this worked. I haven’t been constipated since.

For some, I know they’ve taken stool softeners like Colace at the recommendation of their doctor. I would highly suggest asking your doctor before getting any stool softener.


Things I didn’t use, but I know some postpartum moms do:

  • Lansinoh Nursing Pads – I never used them. The pads in the nursing bra were sufficient. You could just try including a baby wash cloth to see if you leak enough to require additional breast pads. I’ve heard some women do leak enough to need nursing pads.
  • Coconut Oil – When my nipples were sore and cracked, I just used saliva and breast milk, which worked well. I’ve heard some women use coconut oil, which I like because it’s a food. If saliva and breast milk doesn’t work for you, you might want to try coconut oil.

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  • Perineal Spray – Many moms have included this in their postpartum recovery kit. I like how it uses organic herbs and provides a soothing and healing effect. I’ve personally never used this. The sitz bath was good enough to soothe my second degree tear. If you have more severe tearing, an episiotomy or a low tolerance for discomfort, this might be one of the essentials for your after birth kit.

Postpartum essentials checklist

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Final Thoughts on Postpartum Must Haves

All the best during your postpartum recovery! Don’t forget to put your ideal postnatal care package together well in advance! Take care!


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Recap of the postpartum necessities:

  1. Postpartum Underwear: pull-on Depend underwear
  2. Water Bottle: Lifefactory water bottle
  3. Postpartum Meals: freezer meals, meals other people cook and bring over, snacks (like Cliff Bars)
  4. Household Chores Delegated
  5. Comfortable Clothing e.g. robematernity leggingsnursing bra
  6. Peri Bottle: Fridababy Peri Bottle if you want something better than the hospital peri bottle
  7. Sitz Bath: possibly a sitz bath kit
  8. Stool Softener: water, prunes, possibly Colace
  9. Other possible essentials: Lansinoh Nursing PadsCoconut OilEarth Mama Herbal Perineal Spray


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Postpartum Essentials: Things you Need after Giving Birth


What are your postpartum essentials?